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Palm Reading of Actor & Singer Kishore Kumar

Professional Bridal Makeup Artist
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         About Palmist

Mr. Shri. Ganesh K. Ingole,had completed his graduation in Mechanical Engineering discipline,and because of his raising interests he further did his Masters from VJTI, Mumbai University. Since 2004, Ganesh has been practicing as a professional palmist who uses both Indian and Western theories in the field of palmistry. He is one of the most famous and youngest palmist in Indian continent.

Mr.Ingole was highly interested in scientific theories from his childhood which ultimately made him a deep researcher, a philosopher and a logical individual. As a scientific person, a phase came in his life at the age of 18 years when questions used to rise in his mind about certainty, uncertainty, truth, results, and logics in palmistry.

Negative and positive views of people about palmistry made him to think much about palmistry. Ganesh decided and started to study palmistry independently. 

Author was much famous in college, friends, lecturers, neighbours, relatives still he was practicing for fun, and without any scientific base. But one after other astonishing result of his palmistry he day by day belive astrology strongly. Then he started learning palmistry deeply and scientifically. After a thorough understanding and knowledge for a few years, the author started working as a palmist at the age of 25. The author won a number of awards during his career as a palmist. He is one of the youngest and most famous palmist in the country who having no family legacy in palmistry from family.

Received AWARDS :
Awarded certificate for “Jyotish Shastra Ratna” from on Line News Media www.memaharashtrain.com
· Received honorable awards “Hasta-Samudrika-Tadynha”
· Awarded certificate for “Gemology” from Indo-American   Society.
· Two Year Certificate course of “Samudrika-Shastra”.
· Awarded "Hasta- Bhushan".
· Awarded "Jyotish- Bhushan".
· Basic and Advanced course for "Palmistry, Numerology and Gemology".