Karagre Vasate Lakshmi | Karmadhe Saraswati || Karmule tu Govind | Prabhate Kardarshan ||
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Palm Reading of Actor & Singer Kishore Kumar

Professional Bridal Makeup Artist
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Indian Palmistry

Samudrika Sudha (Indian System of Palm Reading)  by R. G. Rao
Natal Chart from the Palm by  R. G. Rao
Samudrik Kucchika
Nasta Jataka
Jain Samudrika
Rekha Shastra
Jatak Sudhakar
Samudrika Rahasya
Samudrik Prabodh

Western Palmistry

William Benham 
The Benham Book of Palmistry (previously the Laws of Scientific Hand
Reading - still available
How to choose Vocations from the Hand

Cheiro's Palmistry For All
Cheiro's Guide to the Hand
How to read Hands
Language of the Hand

Eugene Scheimann and Nathaniel Altman 
Medical Palmistry - A Doctors Guide to better health through hand analysis

Noel Jacquin 
The Hand of Man
The Signature of Time
The Hand Speaks

Nathaniel Altman 
Discover Palmistry
Sexual Palmistry
The Palmistry Workbook
The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Palmistry


Ilm-Ul-Kaff  -The Science of Hand Reading

Lori Reid 
The Complete Book of the Hand
Your Health in Your Hand
Palmistry (Family Matters)
The Art of Hand Reading 
The Female Hand

Beryl Hutchinson 
Your Life in Your Hands

Jon Dathen
Practical Palmistry

Mary Anderson 
Understanding Palmistry

Andrew Fitzherbert 
Palmistry, Your Career in your Hands
Hand Psychology
The Palmist's Companion
The Palmistry Workbook