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Palm Reading of Actor & Singer Kishore Kumar

Professional Bridal Makeup Artist
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History of Palmistry

Palmistry is studied by all most all religion. Every culture and country have study the palmistry as study of life. It is very difficult to find when this science was born but it is sure that India is the origin of this auspicious science. Before the Christian Birth many temple and caves of India found the palm and lines curved on walls. Hindus have study this science first in India. They study the lines on palm, its shape along with shape of body organs for the prediction of future of human. They have called it as "Samudrik-Shastra". Further they concentrate on study of hand alone and they called it as "Hasta-Samudrik-Shastra" i.e. Palmistry.

Prior to any country of world, India keeps the important store of occult science. The astronomy results occurred in Indian temples indicates that Brilliant Hindus have known the transition if sun, which occur after 28,500 years. That result placed by ancient Hindus makes today’s astronomers wonder. Their continuous observation and accurate calculation made that results. But how they give this result is still mystery. Ancient Hindus are the generator of this science. They have studied this science from many centuries. In the Vayavya(North-West) direction of India people called "Joshi" were live. They were expert in this science from their ancestors. They keep this divine knowledge, provided guidance and also teach this science. After a war by Mongoliya people on India, they destroyed all documents, Granthas, scripts made by Indian. So that the great important documents were loosed. After the independence of India though the ancients scripts loss, new generation again study this science newly but now the science was modified by Mongolian principles and original principles were loosed.