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Indian Palmistry

Indian Palmistry is most famous throughout world. Indian scholars have been studying astrology sine time immemorial. One can easily trace out the source of astrology as well as astronomy in the Vedas- the oldest books in the library of the World. Palmistry, Physiognomy or Samudrika are important branches of Indian Astrology. Great difference occurs of naming the lines of palm between Indian and Western palmistry. What we study that Western Palmistry used mostly for psychics reading of human. While Indian Palmistry focus more on Future and Past life of human. The Line definition is also different and amazing including lines of Mother, father, line of Brother and sisters along with lines of Marriage, lines of children, lines of Enemy, lines of travels, lines of Vehicle.

    Line of Father: (1-1)

This Line shown in figure as. 1-1, Starts from Mount of Jupiter and encircle half portion of Mount Venus. This Line Indicated happiness with Father.

       Line of Mother:- (2-2)

“Budddhi hi Karmanu Sarani” means according to Hindus Shastras our intelligence is governed by our action (Karma) in the previous births. The possession of a line of Mother point to the acquisition of great knowledge.This Line shown in figure as. 2-2.Generally Starts from the commencement of the life and lower down its base from mount of mars. Starting and Ending point of this line are very important to study palm. This line indicated happiness related with Mother.  


  • Line of Longevity:- (3-3)

This line indicates the health, heart (character traits and nature), the continuation of the progeny. The line of Longevity mirrors the individual’s religious and spiritual qualities as well as length of life. This line shown in figure as 3 -3 . Starts from base of Mercury mount and end on Jupiter, between Jupiter and Saturn, Saturn or some times on Line of Mother.


  • Line of Fate:- (4-4)

What We found about Fate line is the most unbelievable line in palm. In actual its not unbelievable line but to predict future from this line need keen observation of this line. This line is the index of the several factors such as subject’s professional efficiency, character, family happiness, offspring, lands, houses, status in society etc. While reading this line, the subordinate and subsidiary lines as well as its joining with sun line will have to consider. This line shown in figure as 4 -4. Starts from bracelets, mount of Venus, mount of Moon, from Father Line as well as Mother Line.

    Lines of Fame:- (5-5)

This line shown in figure as 5 -5. Starts form any part of palm and end on mount of Sun. This line indicated brilliance, reputation, happiness, knowledge, wealth, family life and even progeny.

The Individual who is ambitious to acquire lofty fame, high education, lucky progeny, a prominent position in the political and social fields should have support of this line.




    Line of Marriage:-  (6-6)

Marriage is the chief instrument for the continuation of the family and its fair name but this line is very small. This matrimonial happiness is God’s gift. Life partner gets in this birth depending upon the sins and merits of previous birth. This line Shown in figure as 6-6. This line starts from mount of Mercury and end generally before sun mount. In many palms you may notice more than one marriage line out of which some are subsidiary lines. But you should not judge that a person would have married many women, as there are more lines. The reason being, we have to judge the person’s inner-self and whole palm.


  • Line of Brothers and Sisters:- (7-7)

    Lines of brothers and sisters occur on the mount of Venus. These lines also indicate number of brother and sisters and their life. Prominent line indicates number of brothers and faint lines indicates numbers. These lines not shows step brothers and sisters. Means only shows Brothers and Sisters from single Mother (figure as 7 -7). These lines present in vertical fashion.


  • Line of Children:- (8-8) 

Lines of children will occur on mount of Mercury, on mount of upper Mars and Below Thumb. These lines as shown in Figure as 8-8. All happiness about children and number of children will have to predict from this lines.





  • Line of Travels:- (9-9) 

These line as shown in figure as 9-9. According to Hindus Palmistry , the matter of deciding travel in one’s own country and overseas will depend on a consideration of the cross lines which issue from the mount of Moon above the bracelets and proceed to the vicinity of the mounts of Mars. From an examination of these lines, it is possible to determine a person’s travel in one’s own country or abroad. To predict foreign travel there must be a long cross line on mount of Moon; it indicates travel to places thousands of miles away from the place of birth.

  • Line of Vehicle:- (10-10) 

These line as shown in figure as 10-10. Horizontal lines on mount of Venus. The happiness related to vehicle is depending on type of these lines.

  • Line of Enemy:- (11-11)

Lines starts from mount of lower Mars and cuts Father, Mother and line of Life are all lines of Enemy as shown in fig. 11-11.These shows obstacle in your path.