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      ï¿½Siddh Associates & Vastu Consultant�

Residence:-- 1. Selection of New Premises like ( House , Flats , Plot & Land )
                    2. Neutralizing Vastu Defects without Structural changes
                    3. Planning & Designing, Vastu- Remedies & Products

Industry:-- 1. Manufacturing Industry like Cement, Chemical, Pharmaceutical etc.
                 2. Service Industry like Educational Institutions, Hospitals & Clinic, Banks & Societies,
                     Software companies etc.
                3. Commercial Industry like Malls & Multiplex, Community & Marriage Hall & Lawns, Shops, Hotels                      & Restaurants, Real Estate Projects

       About Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is a very old Indian science of Architecture. Ancient great Indian Sages and Rishis Created Vastu Shastra for the welfare of the entire humanity. Its knowledge enables us to get Benefits of mental peace, health, wealth etc. and make our life happy.

This science, after propounding the rules of construction, goes to prove that by constructing Properly our buildings, villages, towns, cities, shops, offices, factories and industries we can Make ourselves prosperous.

The Vastu Shastra is founded upon the laws of nature. The equilibrium, we observe in the Nature is easily perceivable by us in all moving bodies, but unfortunately we are unable to note This equilibrium in static bodies. When a building is constructed without observing the rules of Vastu Shastra, various calamities, diseases and accidents take place. This is the eternal rule of Nature and it has no place for any logic, doubt or debate.

       About Vastu Consultant

Mrs . Sunita Tade is a Vastu Expert from India; she is Mechanical Engineering Graduate From SSGMCE, Shegaon, Maharashtra, Due to her keen interest in Vastu Shastra & Astrological Study, she did Diploma in Vastu Shastra from Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

Mrs. Sunita Tade has been working from past 5 years to establish the rules of Vastu in the Modern world without any demolition or changes to the existing premises. She has intention of rendering best possible solutions to make one's life happier and peaceful.

Mrs. Sunita believes in his client's well being and thus provides them the optimal Vastu Remedies for all their problems at the most minimal cost. He has been felicitated several times for his outstanding knowledge on Vastu.

Siddhii Associates & Vastu Consultant have Internationally Renowned Vastu Expert Mrs. Sunita Tade has created a revolution in the field of Vastu Shastra. Their expertise in providing "Remedies without Demolition" has earned them the faith and praise of thousands of People .

Siddhii Associates & Vastu Consultant ( Formerly known as Siddhii Associates & Consulting Engineers) has been founded by Mrs. Sunita Tade since 2010 .

Contact Us Mrs. Sunita Tade
Email :- siddhii.associates@gmail.com
(m) - +91-9404478579, 9960679244