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Western Palmistry

Western Palmist had studied palmistry in very scientific way. They divided palmistry into two divisions. First division called as Chirognomy includes study of Consistency, Flexibility, Color of palms, nails, figures, thumb and mounts. Chirognomy have importance up to 70%. Second division called Chiromancy includes lines and signs on palm. Chiromancy have important up to 30%. Both are important to study Palmistry. Unfortunately 90% palmist study the Chiromancy means only lines and signs; and start predicting.


Consistency means hardness and softness under pressure. The consistency of hand may be separate into four classes.
The first is flabby hand; it offers no resistance to your pressure. This is the softest hand you find, and in the matter of physical energy is absolutely deficient. It is the hand one who dreams, but not act, who loves, but whose love finds expression only in words, not deeds. It is hand of one that desires ease, mental and physical, luxury, and beautiful surroundings, but not to work to gain them. In plain words, its owner is the idle, luxurious, sensitive dreamer, who will not work, will not exert.
The Second is soft hand. There is important difference between the flabby and soft. The flabby hand will always be lazy while the faculty of energy can be developed and increased in the subject whose hands merely soft. 
Next to soft consistency comes the elastic. This is a hand, which you cannot crush in your grasp. Elastic consistency shows that the person has life, energy, push, vim and vigor and that in all walks of life he is up and doing. He does no more work, but he does enough. Elastic hand shoes the activity of intelligent energy and force, in the other words, well –directed energy, the kind that occupies itself with being “sensible energetic”.
Last is Hard hand. Hard hands, as a rule, are those which belong to less intelligent people, and the skin will be found coarser in texture. The hard hand will give no sign of yielding under your pressure. This hand possessor cannot easily take new idea. It is difficult for such hard brain to advance with the progress of modern ideas; it is difficult for the possessor to get out of the rut of routine and custom, and to be original. Thus, when you find hard hand, it will show you the kind of energy that exerts, labors, and toils from a knowledge that labor must be done, but without great brain activity behind this toil. It is energy, indeed, but not the most “intelligent energy”


 Flexibility of the hands

The flexibility of hand shows the degree of flexibility of the mind and nature, and the readiness with which this mind has power to unfold itself, and “see around the corner” of things.
1) Stiff hand indicates the mind that is cautious, immobile, close, inclined to narrowness and stinginess and which, in every way, lacks pliability or adaptability. He is the man who success by hard work, deprivation, and saying, and he cannot conceive how success can be achieved in any other way.
2) Straight hand indicates medium and normal development, and its owner is balanced, even in action, up to date, and has control of self. He is thoughtful, broad, earnest, sympathetic, yet all within bounds. He is , in plain words , well balanced, and not an extremist.
3) Flexible hand, where fingers bend back, without giving their owner any pain, until a graceful arch is formed. This hand shows elastic mind, a brain susceptible of receiving keen impression, and of understanding them quickly and versatile in nature. The possessor of this hand is extremely sympathetic, generous and money to him is only the means of securing what he want not a thing to be hoarded for itself alone.. They are emotional, easily moved by a pitiful story, and readily give any one. Their mind works rapidly, they absorb ideas quickly, and their tendency is to go too fast.


Color of hand 

Hand consistency and flexibility shows quality of subject now we naturally consider his quantity. 
Physiological considered, blood which produces color performs two, most important function. It swiftly courses through our veins and arteries, absorbs and carries away impurities, and at the same time renews and sustains life. These impurities, which the blood absorbs, carbonize it, and unless this life current flowing through us is itself renewed, it will turn to poison. Nature has provided for this emergency a most wonderful machine, called the lungs, whose function it is to take into their cells fresh air, and to throw off the poisonous carbonic gas. This respiratory action of the lungs is the influx of new life into us with the inspiration, the outgo of exhausted life with the expiration; all the blood in the body must flow through the lungs, leaving with them this poisonous matter, and receiving in its steady oxygen or new life. Thus renewed it returns through the veins to the heart, which receive it and pumps it out again to all parts of the system. In this manner blood is propelled to the outermost part of the body, the skin, and gives to it its color; it is the amount and quality of the blood that changes the color of the skin.
Generally color occurs of a hands are white, pink, yellow, blue, red each shows a different condition of the subject’s health.


 White Color

White means dead-white, one which gives you a impression of pallor and lack of blood supply, and not a white hand which is white merely by reason of its fineness. White hand is related to coldness. With this color nature lacks ardor, heat warmth, life and attractiveness. These people instead, repellent in manner, cold in their views, and not anxious to make exertion to please others. They are cold by nature and cold physically. White hand people are dreamy, mystical, not enthusiastic, unemotional, selfish, and imaginary.

Pink Color

As whiteness shows deficiency of blood supply, pink color shows that a normal amount of blood is coursing through the body. Pink hands that speaks of a well-conditioned subject, full of life, energy and vitality. The pink hand belongs to the sparkle of a brain unclouded by too much blood or weakened by too little. It indicates one who finds life pleasant, bright, and attractive, and whose society is sought whenever he may be. 


Red Color

Red hand shows the great force with which the blood is being propelled, it is typical excess in quantity, quality and force of the blood stream . We find the physical strength of the subject good, and the nature an ardent and intense one. These people are intense in everything love, war, business, art, religion; in fact, no place or walk in life in which they may be placed but will feel the impetus of their wonderful vitality and energy. If angry, they are violent, and red hand finds the great difficulty in exercising self-control.

Yellow Color

Yellow color shows the cold-blooded, bilious person, a most distressing combination. The person plagued with bile cannot be joyous, bright, and happy. He is moody, melancholy, takes a dark view of life, morose, silent. He sees no bright side to anyone, but revels in gloom, mystery and superstition.

Blue or Purple Color 

Blueness or Purple color is caused by improper circulation, not necessarily a poor quality, however. It Indicates the heart’s pulsation is weak, and insufficient to move the blood rapidly, and that it is consequently traveling through its proper channels too slowly.


In all the study of hand, no portion is of more importance than that devoted to the thumb.

The movement of the thumb is most important in connection with the function of the hand itself. Indeed, the human hand owes for its superiority over the animal kingdom, the mobility and dexterity of the thumb. Without the aid of thumb, it would be extremely difficult to grasp and use any indispensable article necessary for our daily life.

The Thumb of the ape or monkey differs in structure, size and site from that of the man. The thumb of the monkey is situated rather at a high position; rendering the space between itself and first finger to be narrow. This narrowness is an infallible sign of greediness, selfishness, and narrow-mindedness when found in human being.

Composition of Thumb

The thumb as a whole composed of three phalanges, as are all the other fingers. It is a mistake to divide it into only two phalanges. Mental and abstract worlds, indicated by the first and second phalanges, and add to these the material world shown by what we call the mount of Venus, which is really the third phalanx of the thumb. These three factors so strongly estimated are will power and determination, indicated by the first phalanx, reason and logic by the second phalanx, love and sympathy by the third, or mount of Venus.


If the will phalanx is longer than logic, will an excess of reason, and the person will act first and think afterwards. He is set and determined in his ways, and makes mistakes because he has allowed these qualities to rule reason. He is stubborn, and cannot see that it is better to acknowledge and correct an error than to suffer the consequences of unreasonable obstinacy.

If the second phalanx is much the longer reason is in excess of will, and this person can reason cleverly, but is not good in carrying the result into execution. He is reasoner who does not act. He knows how things should be done, but does not carry this knowledge onto operation.

Different types of Thumb

Depend on Length of Thumb

 Long Thumb:-  Strength of character and the person who are guided by head, determination, strong character and  good will power.

Small Thumb: - Weak character or person who is guided by heart, sign of hesitation and temptation and lack of will power.

 Depend on Type of Thumb:

Supple Thumb:- People having supple thumb are brilliant, versatile, easily adapting themselves to changing circumstances, sentimental, generous and sympathetic, happy  nature, emotional and will give there last Rs/Cent to beggar.

Stiff Thumb:- People having  stiff thumb are practical, common-sense, economical, stingy, save money,  steady, they can not do many things, but what they do attempt is done well, have sense of justice and great self control, quiet and cautious.


Depend on Position of Thumb

  High Set Thumb:- People with  high set thumb having   lower grade intelligence and less   adaptability.


Low Set thumb:- People with low set thumb having  nature full of the highest human qualities, speaks of generosity, independence, love of liberty.






Every finger is name, and partakes of, the qualities of mount under it. The first finger is the finger of Jupiter, the second, Saturn, the third, Apollo/Sun, the fourth Mercury. The thumb we do not consider as finger but in a class by itself. When fingers are straight we find in general Saturn finger is longest. But observe the fingers when closed i.e. fold, you will find Apollo/Sun finger is longest and then Saturn finger.

They can explain in following ways 

Long Fingers:-   slow going, slow talking person, who in speaking enunciates each syllable of every word, , slow acting minds and movements, lack of rushing, goes into minutiae of everything, seek every details, neat in dress but may not be in fashion, frequently selfish, clod-blooded.

Short Fingers:-  Instead of dealing in minutiae, they want everything consider as whole, think quickly, act quickly, highly intuitive and correctly judge whether you are telling the truth or trying to humbug them, their mind work rapidly, they have formed their opinion, before the last words are fairly spoken. No analysis, no details, no minutes with them, never satisfied to be doing any but big things, not always careful of appearance.



Of the seven Mounts in the hand, four are located at the bases of the fingers, two along the side of the hand which has been called the Percussion, and one at the base of the thumb, being, as before stated, the third phalanx of that member. The Mount of Mars is divided into the upper and lower Mounts, and Plain of Mars.

As the great difficulty with beginners is classifying subject under their proper types, especially when the type is not markedly prominent, we have taken great care to make it very explicit.

If the Mount is found to be very large, and the other normal, it will be a strong indication that the subject belongs to the type of strong Mount. If on this Mount is found a single deep, vertical line, it will confirm this opinion. If in addition the finger of this Mount is very long and well developed, being appreciable larger than the other fingers, it is certain that the subject represents practically a pure specimen of this Mount Type.

When you have two Mounts are equally developed than see the exact tips of the Mount, which is triangle of the capillaries of skin called as “apex” of Mounts. If the center of triangle is the exact center of the Mount then that Mount is more important i.e. person is under influence of that Mount. For that use magnifying glass when you see specially females hand.


The Mount of Jupiter

The Jupiterian is ambitious and leader of man, Success in politics also found in army for here again is the oppourinity to hold commanding position and to lead men. Religion is one of the strong attributes of Jupiterian. Ambitious, love of command, pride of position, religion, honor, love of nature are main forces with the Jupiterian. In marriage relation s the Jupiterian is very ambitious. He matures early in life, and marries when young one of whom he believes he can feel proud.



The Mount of Saturn

The Saturnian is born wisdom, sobriety, doubter, cynical, lacks veneration. They have love for occult science and proficiency in them and extremely superstitious. He success in agriculture, chemical and other laboratory occupation. Higher mathematics and medicine are strong favorites. The Saturnian is no fellow, but is deep and true scientist. While other enjoy, he surrounded by his books, retorts and figures, is working out difficult problem.  He repels opposite sex rather than attracts. In fact, pure Saturnian would not marry.

The Mount of Apollo

The Apollonian is a healthy, vigorous person, consequently happy, genial, and attract. He is spontaneous type, and versatility, brilliancy, love of beautiful and artistic in everything, are his attributes .He has always stood for art and brilliancy, and the temptation has been to ascribe to every hands which has a good Mount of Apollo great artistic talent, frequently far in excess of that really possessed by the subject. All Apollonian love beauty in dress, home, business surrounding, and every walk in life in which they are found. He is highly successful in business, and he carries his love of beauty here as everywhere else. With his naturally brilliancy and versatility he adapts himself to the conditions of the times, demands of the public, choose his goods with a tasteful eye, and make money thereby. Generally Apollonian finds himself disappointed and his marriage a failure. 

The Mount of Mercury

The Mercurian is generally successful, primarily because of his shrewdness and the fact that he is a wonderful judge of human nature, and secondly on account of skill with his hands and his tireless energy. Mercurian is the quickest and most active of all the types, and this activity is not confined to his physical agility but applies to the mental as well. He is very tactful and adroit. He exactly judges human nature and character. Mercurian are success in scientific investigation, mathematician. He is, all of the types, the most successful as a physician. He marries early in life; choose one of his own ages, and very often one of his types. He is proud of his wife, likes to see her well dressed.

  The Mount of Mars




The fifth Mount is the Martian, and the portion of the hand which identify him are the two Mounts of Mars, the Upper mount located on the percussion and above the line of head which indicates Resistance, and the Lower Mount under the Line of Life and above the Mount of Venus which indicated Aggressive Spirit. There is also plain of Mars, located in the center of the palm, which bears some relation to the Martian type.

They never know when they are beaten, and permit on one to think that defeat is a possibility with them, he forces his thinking on others. The deficiency of this Mount is found on the hand of almost all suicide. Martian are never lazy, is a thoroughly masculine subject. He has success as a good lawyer, minister, debater, politician, and in kindred occupation. He is highly success in sports, Army, Police and Fire Brigade work. The Martian is always predisposed to marry and always choose good-looking wife. The Venusians women please him best, as he wants a purely feminine type as a wife.


The Mount of Moon

 Lunarian has a penchant for water, is naturally nervous, restless, love change or traveling, and when strong lines have been found on the Mount, his restlessness has been accentuated, making him want to travel. He chooses journeys by water rather than land. He is always hyper-nervous. His realm is the world of imagination; he keeps humanity from becoming too material. He expresses him self well and can enjoy the pleasures of imagination.  In the hand of greatest linguists, musician, composers, fiction or romance writers, we find this Mount strong. The Lunarian is dreamy, fanciful, and idealistic. He is slow in his movement and extremely sensitive. They love arts, painting and arts related imagination of all types.


  The Mount of Venus

Venusian always have love, sympathy, and generosity, the Venusian type is a good one, and, as, one of its greatest qualifications is attraction for its fellows, it necessarily needs warmth and heat, for heat attract and cold repels.  Venusian is a healthy type and a handsome one, good looking and attracting personality. The Venusian type is stands for love, sympathy, tenderness, generosity, beauty, and melody in music, gayety, joy, health, and passion. Venusian has expressive eyes and when smiles mostly found dimple on cheeks. He is fond of all amusements, dancing, society, gallantry and all forms of gayety.  He is entirely unselfish. He is great lover of beauty and enjoys life in each angle. Venusian are honest and truthful. Music appeals most strongly to the Venusian.  Venusian always marry, and generally at early age. They choose mostly Martian.

Lines of Hand

There are three types of lines. Here the classification of Lines is our own, other authors had classified hand Lines in different types.
Our classification may be contradictory but its result of our research.

      The Main Lines:- There are four main Lines.  

Life Line(1-1): -  Many observers said about the life line that there is no relation between length of life and the Line of Life but observation is quite different. We don’t find any person who is without Life Line and Sister Life (Mars Line) line in his both hands.
But remember it is not reverse that person have long life line will leave long because there are number of sign on hand which leads to sudden death.
The Life Line commences from under the Mount of Jupiter and originates from the side of the palm near the thumb and the index finger surrounding the Mount of Venus and ultimately ends at the bracelets. 
However, if the Life Line is clear you are able to estimate the physical constitution of the body, its immunity, vitality and virility. The Life Line is of great importance in connection with the delineation of health than with character.


Head Line(2-2): - The Head Line is the “key” line to the whole hand, denoting the amount and quality of mentality posses by the subject. This line starts from the Mount of Jupiter or from above it. In most of the palms, the Head Line and the Life Line originate from the same place. The Head Line divides the palm into two parts. 
The straighter the head line greater determination, concentration and practical ability is indicated. 
Where the lines curves gently down towards the mount of Moon, imagination is indicated. The greater the downward slop the more imagination is shown, until it actually goes right down on to the mount, then a condition bordering upon the abnormal is indicated.

Heart Line(3-3):- The Line of Heart reveals to the scientific palmist the quantity and quality of affection possessed by the subject. The line reflects the affectionate spirituality of man in all its nakedness. This is key to the inmost recesses of the heart. 
This line starts from under the Mount of Mercury, reaching under the index finger and the Mount of Jupiter. 
When this Line ends on Mount of Jupiter then it reveals a reliable, lasting and strong affection; one that will not readily change. 
When this Line ends between two fingers, the first and second, there is more passion in the affection, but still very affectionate. In Love these people would be inclined to place a primary consideration upon their desires. 
When this Lines ends on actually Mount of Saturn, then there is desire but little real affection; the more animal instincts are allowed to predominate. Such person would be selfish in matter of affection; they would gratify desire for the sake of the satisfaction of gratification alone.


Marriage Line(4-4):-   I have mentioned this as a Major Line, mostly all the palmist considered it as Minor Line. I have considered this as Major line because this line found all most all the hand. 
The marriage Line is situated on the Mount of Mercury. This line comes from the outside of the palm towards the inside of the palm on the Mount of Mercury. 
This is the smallest and greatest important life regarding the marriage. Many times we find more than one line; then the most prominent line should consider as Marriage Line and other can consider as influence Lines. Prediction about age of marriage needs to study all Mounts types also. Still it is very difficult to find exact age of marriage. But this line tells more about marriage life. 


     The Minor Lines:-  There are  Eleven minor Lines.  


    Fate Line(5-5):- This line is not visible in many hands. That’s why we considered this line as Minor Line. It commences from different places but it ends only at the Mount of Saturn .What we find about this line, the most unreliable line, rather it’s result depend the type of hand.

      When it starts from side of Life Line, the individual efforts to attain success or an independent career are marred by the interference of relatives, the weight of home ties or control and wishes of parents.

     When this Line start form Mount of Moon, and in such case success or failure are to a great extent dependent upon the affection, regard or heat with which we inspire those who come in contact with us.


Sun Line(6-6):- We can it as Line of Success. This no doubt as due to the fact that there are no successful hands that are without this Line. 
The source of the line is different in different palms but ultimately it ends at the Mount of Sun. The significance of this line is that those people possessing it have a happy and bright disposition. A certain amount of magnetic influence is indicated. 
The commencement of this line is important, because from that date things seem to be more prosperous, brighter and happier. 
Our opinion about this line is that it is an excellent line to have if the other lines of the hand indicate those qualities that are able to support and sustain the “luck” denoted by the Apollo/Sun. 

Health Line(7-7):-  This Line is the thermometer of health – that delicate needle on the face of the gauge, and is subject to more change than any other line. This line is related to health and it has no fixed place of commencement. But it terminates at the Mount of Mercury. This line does not appear in all hands. Its presence, however, is as infallible sign that health trouble will come sooner or later expect in one single case when it appear as a straight line. 
The absence of this Line does not mean that bad health is expected; on the contrary, the absence of this Line means a very good health that could be maintained through the whole life.

Mars Line(8-8):- Also called as Sister Life Line because it supports all the characteristics of Life Line. 
Mars Line starts from Mount of the Lower Mars and run parallel to the Line of Life.
Presence of this Line, will give individual tremendous vitality, great endurance and aggression.



Girdle of Venus(9-9):- This Line always denotes the sensitive type of personality when clear marked, with a tendency towards emotion. 
This Line is to be found at the base of the fingers, going from the mount of Saturn or the edge of Jupiter, over to Apollo, or just touching the mount of Mercury beneath the little finger.



Girdle of Jupiter(10-10):-  Is a semi-circular line surrounding the base of the finger of Jupiter; it is very rarely seen completed; it is often composed of two incomplete curves one above other or two intersected curve lines. 
It’s appearance, however, indicates extreme luck at young age, love for occultscience science . What we observe about this Line is that, person has got dreams of future events or some indication of future he always received.

Girdle of Saturn(11-11):- The Girdle of Saturn is a line which rises between the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn, encircles the finger of Saturn, and terminates between the finger of Saturn and Apollo, thus crossing the mount of Saturn completely. 
The presence of this line shows a disposition to jump from one occupation to another, and not to stick to any one long enough to make it successful.


Line of Intuition(12-12):- Is a curved Line starting from Mount of Moon and ends on the Upper Mars. 
The significance of this Line is that it shows a highly strung and sensitive nervous system. In some peculiar way these people have the gift of intuition, either consciously or unconsciously developed almost to the point of actual clairvoyance.



Line of Travel(14-14):- This line denotes all kinds of travels. This passes over the line of Moon.

Line of Children(15-15):-  These Lines found vertically on Mount of Mercury, horizontally on Mount of Mars and also below the thumb. Number of Lines will show the Number of Children. 

The Rascettes(16-16):- These lines are found on the wrist and they are different in number in different hands. Some hands even have four lines.